Thanksgiving Plans

It occurred to me this morning that while I mentioned my dilemma about Thanksgiving several months ago, and I even suggested the possibility of seeing Carrie Fisher’s show Wishful Drinking in a subsequent post, I never announced my intentions to my faithful readers.

My bad.

We head up to New York City this afternoon, with our friends Ian and Kim, for several days and nights in the Big Apple. It’s exciting for more than the usual “Hey, it’s New York!” reasons — we’ve never travelled with either of them before, and it’ll be Ian’s first trip to NYC!

Of course we’ll have the usual traditions — drinks at House of Brews, a show (we ARE seeing Wishful Drinking, on Friday night) and Sunday brunch at Arte Cafe. And on Saturday, we’ll be enjoying a reunion with Giles and Victoria, potentially over a UF v. FSU football game. (I’m not making that up.)

But we have some exciting stuff planned for Thursday as well… Thanksgiving dinner at Erin & Walker’s, with Marc and Andrea joining, and then heading off to Michael & Jono’s new place for drinks and camaraderie afterwards.

In a pair of random coincidences, Josh and Haley will both separately be visiting NYC at the same time. Haley is up there now, and Josh will be heading that way at almost the same time we are (though going to JFK, not LaGuardia.) Not sure if our paths will cross while we’re up there, but here’s hopin’.

We may do some Black Friday shopping, as well. Of course, that might be the rest of the gang out slugging their way through crowds, and me chillin’ in the hotel room making online purchases. Or maybe I’ll get the online stuff out of the way early and then go out with them. Hey, it could be fun… Or they could just need an extra pair of hands to carry bags. We’ll see.

There’s even talk about trying to see the Macy’s parade on Thanksgiving Day, but we’re not sure we want to devote so much time to that. Again, we’ll see.

And naturally, we’ll work in some sightseeing and wandering around aimlessly. It IS New York City, after all.

Happy Thanksgiving, all!

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