Black Friday

Yes, it’s true — I got up at six o’clock in the morning on the Friday after Thanksgiving and went outside to brave the shopping-crazed crowds of Manhattan. Voluntarily. And even with a certain degree of enthusiasm.

It’s a whole new me.

Knowing that I had done a tremendous amount of retail therapy the week before around my birthday, and since I had been stalking the Black Friday sales (which actually began the day before Thanksgiving, not the day after), my own shopping needs were pretty much met. Overmet, you might say, as I’d gotten a bunch of new clothes and my usual “they’re on SALE!” purchases of DVDs from online retailers.

Sal was determined to do some H&M shopping, though, and Black Friday seemed to be as good a day as any. We woke Kim up, leaving Ian sleeping soundly (the bastard) and dragged her with us as we slogged our way through the crowds to visit two different H&M stores in Manhattan before seven o’clock in the morning.

It wasn’t as bad as I feared.

The crowds weren’t overwhelming, and there wasn’t any of the shoving, screaming, and trampling that you see on television every year. Those are reserved for Wal-Mart stores in the South, apparently!

There was a decent-sized collection of shoppers milling about outside, and a slightly-higher-than-normal (but not by much) sized crowd inside the two H&M stores, but nothing frightening. People were for the most part civil and orderly.

And yes, I did find a few articles of clothing at H&M that I purchased. Which is surprising for me, because I normally scoff at that store as being purely for skinny bastards like my boyfriend. (Jenn F, are you happy? I shopped at TWO H&M stores without complaint, and actually made purchases!)

So, Black Friday shopping in New York City? Checked off the bucket list.

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