Buenos Aires marriages

Two weeks ago I posted about the court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage in Buenos Aires. Today, December 1st, is the day that the couple (Alex Freyre and Jose Maria di Bello) planned for their big day.

It looks like that might not be happening after all, thanks to a ruling by a second judge.

Judge Gabriela Seijas had originally ruled that the law in Buenos Aires “should treat each person with equal respect in relation to each person’s singularities without the need to understand or regulate them.” In other words, just because you don’t understand gay people or same-sex marriage doesn’t mean that the law should forbid it.

Judge Marta Gomez Alsina apparently wasn’t convinced of that, and filed an injunction to halt the proceedings so that more time can be spent reviewing the initial ruling. In theory, an appeals court or the supreme court will now review the matter thoroughly.

What’s interesting to me about this new development is that the Mayor of Buenos Aires very publicly stated that he wasn’t going to appeal the original decision legalizing the marriage, acknowledging that people “have to learn … to live in liberty without violating the rights of others” and calling the ruling a “very important step” since “the world is headed in that direction.”

Judge Alsina, without an appeal from the mayor (who LOST in the original ruling, but supported the decision!) and despite not being involved in that trial herself, has decided to block the measure on her own volition.

However, despite the court’s statement that the registrar responsible for the civil marriages in Buenos Aires has been notified of the ruling, the couple themselves have not been formally notified that they are not allowed to get married. They’re fully intending on proceeding unless/until they are stopped by the registrar’s office.

Vaya con dios, amigos.

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