O’ Christmas Tree

At thirty-two years of age, I went out last night and purchased my first Christmas tree.

Of course, as a kid my parents and I had Christmas trees most years. I remember my mom always got so excited about the Christmas decorations she’d store in the garage (along with neverending collections of everything else known to man, but that’s a different topic!) We’d pull out the ornaments, and the Mr. and Mrs. Claus that we’d stand up on the table we never used in the family room, and the houses with the working lights inside. It was a big deal each year.

Somehow, once I grew up and moved out, I lost all of that.

Fortunately, this year I’ve got Sal infecting me with the Christmas spirit. It was actually my idea to get a tree this year — I’d vetoed it last year because we had just adopted Puck and I worried that he’d EAT it, but this year we’re more confident that he’ll behave himself. So last night we picked up some ornaments and such at Target, hunted down a tree, started putting up lights on the tree, and went BACK for more lights.

And ended up getting a TON more decorations.

Yes, it turned out to be an expensive evening, but that’s okay. It’s CHRISTMAS! And hopefully these decorations will end up in a box in the closet, ready to use next year when the season comes ’round again.

Here, for your viewing pleasure, is my first Christmas tree as an adult:

Before Unwrapping and Decorating

The Finished (For Now...) Product

3 Responses to O’ Christmas Tree

  1. Christina says:

    Beautiful! 🙂

  2. Kim says:

    I love it 🙂

  3. […] cleanup from our New Year’s Eve party, we decided it was finally time to take down my beloved first Christmas tree as an adult. I may have gotten a little […]

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