Blackberry woes

It’s been an interesting week in Blackberry developments for me… Tuesday night, I left my desk at the office, checked something on my Blackberry on the way to the elevator, went downstairs, hopped in the car waiting for me on the street, and was whisked off to Target for some Christmas tree decoration shopping. While in Target, I reached for my Blackberry to check something.

And there, on my hip, was a belt clip from my Blackberry holster, but no Blackberry. My company-issued Blackberry had apparently BROKEN OFF and vanished without my knowledge.

Naturally, I freaked. I work for a large bank, with very strict protocols about information security and company equipment falling into the wrong hands. You hear horror stories about employees losing any equipment with the possibility of customer or employee information, and while my Blackberry has virtually no sensitive information on it, losing it is still not an incident I want to be associated with.

I launched into Damage Control Mode… I immediately called my employer’s Information Security group and let them know that it was lost, so they could send a remote “wipe” signal to erase all information on the device and disconnect it from the company servers. I called the wireless provider, so they could put a block on all voice and data usage. And I let my boss know right away, in case he was contacted by anyone at the bank because of my screw up.

It turns out, not a huge deal after all. Because I found out within a few minutes that there was a problem and got everything shut off appropriately, nobody had found and used the Blackberry. Unfortunately I was still missing a piece of technology that would be expensive for me to replace, so I was thankful that I still had an old Blackberry stashed in a drawer that I could use.

Not even necessary, apparently — my wireless provider was happy to give me a free upgrade to the newest Blackberry model (the “Tour”) because I’m under contract and haven’t upgraded in awhile. Not only that, but I had the new device waiting for me at work less than 24 hours after I ordered it. Entirely for free.

In the end, it was a classic case of “no harm, no foul.” A genuine screw-up happened, but it wasn’t anyone’s fault, and I did everything I was supposed to do in an incident like this. The only real problem was about fifteen hours of ulcer-producing terror on my part, and that turned into blissful relief when my boss didn’t fire me and there was no replacement expense.

And hey, I got a pretty new Blackberry Tour out of the whole deal!

Lesson learned: watch out for those damn holsters. They’ll screw ya over if you’re not careful!

One Response to Blackberry woes

  1. Melanie says:

    Not a word from you about my security holsters to hold my BB!! LOL And since you have your pretty new one, how come it didn’t tell you I called today? 🙂

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