Cougar Cruise

The Carnival cruise ship Elation made preparations last week for its first ever International Cougar Cruise, organized by Ann Thomas of the Singles Travel Company. Cougars, of course, are older women (by most standards, over the age of 40) that date younger men. Think Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher.

And now, there’s a cruise from San Diego, California to Ensenada, Mexico specifically for them. It’s a 3-night cruise with 300 guests and a waiting list. The response has been overwhelming, with people flying in from Italy, Denmark, France, Canada, etc.

The cruise is chock full of activities, both on the ship and off. The organizer boasts a bunch of onboard activities, including “dancing, dining, Jacuzzi, parties, [and] karaoke.” And once they’re on land in Ensenada, there are a bunch of outdoor activities like horseback riding, ATV riding, and so on.

Apparently, they won’t be fighting over a few scraps of gold-diggers either: there are more “cubs” signing up for the cruise than “cougars.” There are so many younger men in their 20s and 30s that there may not be enough mature, seasoned women onboard to support them all.

I swear I haven’t signed up. Honest.

One Response to Cougar Cruise

  1. Brandon says:

    Sign me up.

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