Rebel Episcopalians

Those darned Episcopalians are at it again… First, they elect the Rev. Gene Robinson as the first openly gay bishop of their faith, in clear violation of centuries of homophobic and close-minded tradition. When church members outside the Rev. Robinson’s Diocese very vocally shouted their disagreement, the church leadership wisely caved in (despite the fact that the Reverend’s flock were equally vocal in their support of him as a wonderful man of God) and agreed not to do such a foolish thing again.

And then, they went and elected their first openly LESBIAN bishop this past weekend. Just who the Hell do they think they are?!

Yes, this past summer the Episcopalian church leadership voted not to renew the temporary ban they’d put in place amidst the previous controversy over Rev. Robinson. And when considering candidates for bishops in the Los Angeles Diocese, the local members of their church voted Rev. Mary Douglas Glasspool to be the newest bishop suffragan, who will assist the most senior church leader there, Bishop Diocesan J. Jon Bruno.

Now, Rev. Glasspool faces a consent process, which means getting approval from a majority of the church’s 108 other dioceses. And Bishop Bruno expressed his full support of her: “If by chance people are going to withhold consents because of Mary’s sexuality, it would be a violation of the canons of this church.”

He even went so far as to praise the Rev. Glasspool’s partner of 19 years, saying the two of them are “an example of loving service and ministry.”

Like I said… just who do these crazy rebellious Episcopalians think they are? Evaluating candidates for religious leadership based on their merits, their good acts, and their love of God and mankind? Where’s the scornful holier-than-thou judgment, the stubborn insistence on following some outdated values while conveniently ignoring others, and so on?

If they’re not careful, these Episcopalians might start acting like the Jesus we’ve all read about.

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