Public Service Announcement

Dear Parents of Unruly Children,

Do not – I repeat, DO NOT – send your unruly, foul-mouthed, belligerent teenagers to the ImaginOn. If your teenagers are loud, wild, and rude, they will disturb the innocent young children.

And police will subdue them with a Taser if necessary.

The venue is a wonderful place of learning and fun for children, boasting a library, imaginative displays to play with, and a couple of stages at Children’s Theatre of Charlotte for wonderful plays and musicals… But it also sometimes proves the venue of choice for drama of a different kind. On Tuesday afternoon, such an incident occurred when a teenager allegedly went berserk at the learning center.

Staff at ImaginOn called police when the kid started making a menace of himself, and when the cops arrived, it quickly went from bad to worse. According to people who were present at the library at the time, the kid actually started hurling stuff over the balcony at the first officer who arrived on the scene.

A quick use of a Taser to stun the teenager squashed that pretty quickly, but between that scene and the other officers that quickly showed up, you may safely assume the afternoon proved confusing and alarming for the young children present.

Kids these days… GET OFF MY LAWN!

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