It’s become an annual tradition: I approach the end of the year, realize I’m absurdly broke and cripplingly indebted, and post a cranky anti-Christmas blog asking my friends to NOT buy any gifts for me this holiday season, because I’m sure as hell not committing to buying gifts for anyone. (Exhibit A and Exhibit B, for your enjoyment.)

Well, this year there’s a slight twist, and not just that I’m writing in on the 11th instead of the 12th.

I STILL don’t plan on buying many gifts this there. However, I’m toeing the door open for people to make a small gesture to me this year: ornaments for my first Christmas tree as an adult.

That’s right, it’s a whole new me! First, I grudgingly cave in and allow a chalkboard wall to be painted in my home, upon which all manner of things can be written (including inappropriate things, which fortunately haven’t been the majority.) Then I willingly (almost eagerly) dress up in a costume for Halloween. And finally, I eagerly suggest getting a Christmas tree this year.

I swear, I must have an undiagnosed brain tumor.

Anyway, if you’re feeling festive and generous, feel free to pick out a small, inexpensive Christmas tree ornament. Everything we have is generic and from Target, and while it’s a very pretty set, I would love to open up the collection each year and seeing personal ornaments from dear friends. So if you come across an ornament somewhere that just SCREAMS “Kevin & Sal & Puck” and doesn’t include a penis, I would be delighted to add it to our tree this year and in future years.

No pressure.

One Response to Humbug?

  1. Anthony says:

    Next thing you know you’ll be wearing christmas sweaters, and baking cookies.

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