Sanctity of Marriage

A lot of the railing against same-sex marriage involves the phrase, “sanctity of marriage.” Some people say they don’t want gays and lesbians getting married, because doing so will sully the good name of marriage. If two guys get married, heterosexual marriages won’t be worth a thing, right?

Well, fortunately for these people, a visionary named John Marcotte is all set to do everything in his power to protect the tradition of marriage. So much so that he’s pushing for divorce to be illegal in California, just to be extra careful.

The 2010 California Marriage Protection Act will outlaw divorce in California, giving those self-righteous bastards their comeuppance. If Proposition 8 was necessary to protect marriage, reasons Marcotte, let’s go a step further and protect marriage at all costs.

“Since California has decided to protect traditional marriage, I think it would be hypocritical of us not to sacrifice some of our own rights to protect traditional marriage even more,” says Marcotte, a straight 38-year-old Catholic man in a heterosexual marriage that has even produced children.

Yes, this is clearly a satyrical movement, with virtually no chance of actually passing. Marcotte needs 694,354 legitimate signatures, with a March 22nd deadline, to get this constitutional amendment on the ballot. Even if he somehow does manage to get that far, the ballot measure would almost certainly fail. But still, the statement this effort makes is pretty powerful.

If these people want to say that I shouldn’t be allowed to marry my partner because marriage is sacred, why should people be allowed to hop in and out of heterosexual marriages on a whim?

One Response to Sanctity of Marriage

  1. William Lepsch says:

    oh…the sound you hear from me is the GREAT AMEN

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