Holiday overload

I’ve been woefully absent on these last few days, for which I apologize. Normally I post in the evenings or first thing in the morning, but I’ve been running around like mad lately. In fact, it’s been a ridiculously festive two weeks, mostly because of a TON of holiday entertainment.

The holiday season includes wonderful times with wonderful people, but damn does the calendar get hectic.

It all started last week… I joined some friends for Theatre Charlotte’s production of A Christmas Carol on Thursday night, starting off the holiday theatre whirlwind. Saturday morning, another group of us went and saw the Tarradiddle Players’ ‘Tis the Season at Children’s Theatre of Charlotte, then Sal and I snuck off to see The Singing Christmas Tree at Oven’s Auditorium. From there, a dash over to our friends’ Hanukkah party, and we found ourselves good ‘n holidayed out.

The break from the holiday festivities was brief.

This week, Wednesday night we saw The Santaland Diaries at Actor’s Theatre, then It’s a Wonderful Life at the Armour Street Theatre on Thursday night, and A Broadway Christmas Carol last night at the Mint Museum (which apparently has a small performance space!)

And we’re not finished yet.

This morning I’ll be going BACK to Children’s Theatre to see the Tarradiddle Players in another performance of ‘Tis the Season, this time with some other friends who’d been unable to attend last Saturday. And tomorrow night, there’ll be a Christmas Cabaret for charity at Petra’s Piano Bar.

I mean… damn. By the time Monday rolls around, I’ll either be maniacally humming Christmas carols and trying to light people on fire while calling them a menorah, or I’ll be locked in my room refusing to come out until January.

Anyone want to take bets?


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