Mexico City marriages

Apparently is turning into (I checked, that’s not a real site) In the newest development in same sex marriage around the world, Mexico City is now the latest major venue for same-sex marriages, as well as adoption by same-sex couples. ¡Que bueno!

On Monday, the city’s legislative assembly voted 39 to 20 in favor of changing the city’s civil marriage code to refer to “a union of two people” rater than “a union between a man and a woman.” The council also voted 31 to 24 in favor of allowing same-sex couples to adopt children.

The marriage thing isn’t exactly a complete shock, as Mexico City had already legalized same-sex civil unions in 2007. Still, as the capital city of a country known for its heavy Catholic influence, the fact that these things are happening at all is still pretty monumental. It’s a testament to what I hope will be a growing evolution in Christian teachings and practices.

Let’s hope they avoid the fate of same-sex marriage in Buenos Aires.

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