My collection of furniture in Charlotte has been pretty stagnant these last few years. I brought a lot of it up with me from Gainesville, having impatiently purchased new bedroom and living room stuff a couple of months before my move because I just couldn’t contain myself. When I moved into my new place in Charlotte a year and a half later, I added some extra pieces (a desk, a futon, a comfy chair, a dining room table and chairs, a bar) to fill some of the extra space… But then, for years, I was stagnant.

Until very recently.

Bit by bit, Sal and I have been replacing furniture here with new items. It started with the DVD shelves — the short wire shelves were fine when I had a relatively (for me) modest collection, but over the years it continued to grow. And Sal bringing his DVDs with him added a good chunk as well, so we rapidly ran out of room.

Ikea to the rescue! Sal grabbed to giant bookcases, purchased a couple of extra shelves for each one, and presto, we’ve got a whole new set.

Next, we got rid of the old red futon that I had purchased when moving to M Street. It was almost never used, took up a lot of space, and frankly didn’t really fit with the rest of the décor. It was an impulse buy, and it turned out to be a whole hell of a lot less functional than it seemed. When two people slept on it, it would tip over if you didn’t balance yourselves just right. A quick sale on Craigslist, and it was gone.

Now we’re starting to get on a roll, here. Moving the desk into the master bedroom, we could now turn the “home office” into a “lounge” instead. The plush green comfy chair migrated from the living room into the lounge, and joined the gorgeous globe that Sal gave me for my birthday. There’ll be some additional purchases for “lounge” furniture in the near future — just you wait and see.

We’re not finished, however. Remember that giant television that I’ve carted around with me since I moved back to Florida in 2001? It’s been replaced with a flatscreen that sits atop the dresser, which is MUCH easier to see while dozing off at night. From the position of the bed and the old television, you could really only see clearly if you were propped up or if you were laying on the side of the bed closest. Now, total visibility.

And finally, there’s the living room. With the green chair moved to the lounge, there was a big open space under one window. Ikea saved us again, this time with a glass-top table with a big shelf underneath. We’ve planted it squarely under the window and put our recently-acquired board games, etc. on the shelf underneath, and deposited the Wii Fit balance board on the floor beneath it.

There’s been a glass-and-metal table at the front door since I moved to Charlotte, which has typically been the storage place of choice for keys, wallets, mail, and whatever miscellaneous junk we pull out of our pockets on the way in the door. Coming soon, that will be replaced with a dark wooden table much more in keeping with the rest of the home, if you ignore the coffee table.

Catalogue Photo

Which brings us to the last replacement, for now… The old glass-and-metal table set is on its way out, to be replaced in a few weeks with a new set from Z Gallerie. There’s a new coffee table, with a dark espresso finish and hidden drawers, and an end table to match. It’ll fit the décor of the new home much better than the glass-and-metal ones, with dark espresso dining room furniture and television stand.

Catalogue Photo

All in all, it’s been a hell of a transition over this past year. We’ll probably have everything EXACTLY the way we want it, just in time to move to New York when the real estate market here in Charlotte lightens up and I have the freedom to relocate. But still, half the fun is in the journey, right?

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