Argentinean Marriage

Remember Jose Maria di Bello and Alex Freyre, the gay couple who were slated to be the first same-sex marriage in Buenos Aires? A judge had ordered that they be issued a marriage license, then a second judge blocked it, and the couple’s fate was in doubt.

Yesterday they thumbed their noses at Buenos Aires and got married in Tierra del Fuego, another part of Argentina where same-sex marriage is legal.

Yes, it may have been almost a month later than they had planned — their original nuptials were planned on December 1st, but were delayed after Judge Marta Gomez Alsina decided an earlier judge’s ruling needed to be reviewed by a higher court. There still hasn’t been resolution on that case, but fortunately same-sex marriage laws in Argentina vary by region.

It’s a shame that the couple’s original wedding plans were disrupted by a judge that was completely uninvolved in the original legal battle (and who had inserted herself into the dispute without being asked either party of the lawsuit) and it’s a shame that they couldn’t get married in Buenos Aires as planned… But it’s great to see that they persevered and got married anyway.

Congratulations, gentlemen.

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