New Year’s Aftermath

The New Year’s Eve party last night turned out to be much bigger than RSVP counts would have suggested, not surprisingly… The first guest arrived about 6pm, and eighteen hours later, there are still two guests here.

It was just that kind of party.

All things considered, I feel like it was a successful party. Lots of people came to visit; some were stopping in for a half-hour on their circuit of New Year’s Eve parties, while others were here for ten or more waking hours consecutively. (You know who you are!)

I know at midnight we had about 55 people here, because I was pouring the champagne toast and had to do a headcount. I’d guess we probably had 75-80 people altogether here from beginning to end.

Of course, at any party there’s quantity, and then there’s quality… Fortunately, the majority of the people here were great guests and dear friends. And several people brought new guests with them, which often makes for an enjoyable evening.

Neither Sal nor I drank much, since we were mingling around playing hosts. And I made it a whole two hours before I broke into my bar and started mixing cocktails, which is good for me! Of course, by that point I was mixing up shakers full of Long Island Iced Tea and pouring into cups as they appeared… But it was probably about two o’clock before I started bustin’ out the shots. Oatmeal cookies, girl scout cookies, and of course, nuts ‘n berries.


Four people crashed over, which was certainly manageable. It was entertaining, though, when at almost four o’clock in the morning we all had very responsible discussions around sleeping arrangements and who would stay versus who would drive home. We’re all so adult and reasonable… when did that happen?!

A warm thank-you to everyone who attended. It was a lot of fun, and a great opportunity to see some of my closest friends in Charlotte, to see friends and acquaintances who I haven’t spent enough time with lately, and to meet some fun new people.

Two years in a row… Are we going to have to make this a tradition?

EDIT: Here’s what was waiting outside the front door when I took Puck outside this morning to pee. Great having the cleanup started before going to bed, but that sure was a surprise when I opened the door. (This, for the record, was only about half of what needed to be taken out by the time it was all said and done!)


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