Damn it… Several days ago, I posted about new furniture filling out my home in Charlotte over the past year, as we’ve replaced bits of furniture and added pieces, etc… I was all excited about a new table coming for the front door, which (though I didn’t say so in my post) was going to cost less than a hundred dollars!

I discovered this afternoon that I had waited too long before measuring the space and actually ORDERING the table.

Yep, it’s sold out. And it was on, so they very well may never get it in again.

Oh, Espresso Mission Computer Desk… We hardly knew ye. In fact, we didn’t know ye at all!


2 Responses to Procrastination

  1. Jennifer says:

    Isn’t that a target table?

    Yes…I believe it is…

    Its on clearance on their website so it may be on clearance in the store too……

  2. Jennifer says:

    Erg…ok no its not. That one has 3 drawers. Dammit nevermind!

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