Best of 2009

One of the nifty features of WordPress, the publisher of, is a detailed series of Stats you can view about the page. I got curious and decided to look at the stats for 2009, and thought I’d share some of the findings. And yes, I realize that this is only going to be interesting to perhaps two or three people… but for those people, here ya go!

Total Views in 2009

Busiest Month in 2009
September with 1,858 views

Busiest Day in 2009
January 20 (292 views)

Top Entries in 2009
Kanye West vs. Patrick Swayze (317)
Third eyelid (277)
West Side Story review (213) (184)
Metrolina Theatre Association (MTA) Awards (140)
RENT at South Pointe High School (138)
2008/2009 MTA Winners Announced (119)
Seussical (119)
Overdraft fees (117)
Announcement (115)
The Audacity of Equality (114)
Gator jerky (108)
Addiction (105)

Top Search Terms
gator uptown (210)
kanye west patrick swayze (77)
gator jerky (35)
patrick swayze kanye west (24)
cyanide and happiness (24)
gator jerky orlando (22)
kanye west on patrick swayze (22)
altar boyz review (20)
gatoruptown (16)
kanye west swayze (14)
controversial quotations (11)

Most Comments in 2009
Overdraft fees (32 responses)
731 days (14 comments)
Gun-wielding protestors (19 comments)
Thanksgiving (10 comments)
Hoax (8 comments)
Tarradiddle Players (8 comments)
West Side Story review (7 comments)
RENT at South Pointe High School (7 comments)
PASSED! (7 comments)
Cousin Mike (6 comments)
Cranberry revolts (6 comments)
Capitalism: A Love Story (6 comments)
Absolutely (6 comments)
H1N1 Paranoia (6 comments)

For the record, I do acknowledge the inherent narcism in this post.

5 Responses to Best of 2009

  1. Jennifer says:

    I’m intrigued that “third eyelid” had the second most views….but didn’t relate to any of the top search terms. WHY?!?!

  2. gatoruptown says:

    That’s because there are a TON of miscellaneous searches that all landed on that entry 🙂 It’s the one I see the most regularly — many of the others are viewed in big clumps.

  3. Trent says:

    hooray for statistics!!

  4. Brandon says:

    Let me get some kind of ad/sponsorship deal for you, and we’ll double … no … triple your traffic. I’ll guarantee it — at least to the folks funding us.

  5. […] may be wondering, which individual entries seemed to capture the most attention? Fortunately, as I did last year, I will share some of the […]

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