New Year, New Rules

I shared my joy months ago when it was confirmed that in 2010, bars and restaurants would not permit smoking inside. The implementation date of January 2nd arrived, and coincidentally, the next day I stopped in at one of my favorite establishments.

Sure enough, the Smoker’s Lounge inside was completely empty.

Of course, part of that undoubtedly had to do with the fact that it was a Sunday night — not one of the more popular nights at the bar I went to. But still, the big room didn’t have any crowds of people, huddling together puffing away and making the entire room uninhabitable. And it was glorious.

For the first time, I walked through the room and didn’t exit it reeking of stale cigarette smoke. I was able to use the bathroom without making a mad dash to and fro, in a doomed-from-the-start attempt to avoid the worst of the surrounding atmosphere. I stood still for a moment, basking in the glory of the smoke-free establishment.

And then I went back to my table, where my friends had just returned from smoking, and were of course covered in smoke from their shivering puffs in 20-degree weather outside. Still, it’s better than nothing.

Side-note: how cruel to implement this new rule at the COLDEST time of year?! Too bad they didn’t start it a few months ago when people could’ve adjusted to the whole “you have to go outside for that” rule in weather that wasn’t arctic punishment.

On the other hand, maybe this’ll help a few people kick-start their New Year’s Resolution to quit smoking?

One Response to New Year, New Rules

  1. Jennifer says:

    I’m so used to there being no smoking here in FL that its weird to me when people smoke indoors. I can remember bartending in Merritt Island and coming home smelling like smoke…but it seems like that was forever ago! 🙂

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