Airline mischief

In this day and age, there are certain truths that should be held sacred… You should look both ways before crossing the street. You should buy things when their price is low and sell them when their price is high. You should say “please” and “thank you” where appropriate, and should never go to bed angry.

And you should never under any circumstances become unruly or disruptive on an airplane.

Especially considering the recent scares on international flights heading into the U.S. around the holidays, you’d think the public would be a little more careful with what they say and do. Being on a plane can be a stressful experience, and people should take care to avoid making it worse.

Case in point: When you’re on a plane, do not make threatening remarks and refuse to stow your carry-on bag. Your aircraft will turn around, two F-15 fighter jets will escort you back to your departure airport, and the FBI will haul your ass off the plane to figure out why you’re such an idiot.

Another example from the same day: a plane preparing to take off from the Miami airport ended up taxiing back to the terminal after a passenger was “being disruptive” and “making inappropriate remarks” on the aircraft.

Listen up, idiots: sit quietly in your seat. Politely comply with the flight crew when they give reasonable instructions. Don’t mouth off to other passengers or to government/airline employees. And don’t under any circumstances make comments that sound remotely like threats.

Having said all of this: let’s not go overboard like we did in January of last year, and start throwing people off planes just because they’re brown. It’s all about balance, m’kay?

2 Responses to Airline mischief

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