MORE fighter jets!

I’ve posted a couple of times about the flight from Oregon to Hawaii that ended up being escorted back to Portland by F-15 fighter jets, due to a passenger allegedly becoming “unruly.” Apparently this is the start of a trend, as there’s been another incident involving fight jets being scrambled after a passenger alarmed the flight crew.

Yes, two sets of fighter jet escorts in three days.

In this case, an AirTran flight from Atlanta to San Francisco included an intoxicated passenger who had become belligerent and refused to leave the airplane lavatory. The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) sent a pair of F-16 fighters up to escort the plane to a safe emergency landing in Colorado Springs, CO.

FBI agents from Denver were brought in to investigate and to question passengers. After a little over two hours, the plane continued on to San Francisco, minus one passenger. (Yes, the intoxicated man was detained.)

A drunken jackass, yes. Should’ve behaved himself when on an airplane, absolutely. Shouldn’t have had so much to drink at the airport and/or on the airplane, I agree. But here’s hoping they don’t put him in jail for twenty years.

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