New Jersey Preferences

New Jersey, the Garden State, recently voted down a bill that would’ve allowed same-sex marriage in the state. (Marrying your cousin, as I’ve mentioned before, is perfectly fine as far as New Jersey laws are concerned!) But now a bill has just passed that will permit another controversial practice instead.

Medical marijuana will now be legal in New Jersey, once the Governor follows through on his pledge to sign the bill before leaving office next week.

Yes, people will legally be able to get stoned if they have a documented medical condition for which marijuana is a helpful remedy. Its restrictions are going to be much tighter than in the other 13 states that permit medical marijuana usage, however — for instance, stress and anxiety will not be qualifying medical conditions.

Look, I’m all for medical marijuana. Despite never having once used it in my life (and having no real urge to do so, frankly) I don’t see why a licensed physician shouldn’t be able to prescribe it as treatment. In fact, I’m all for NON-medical marijuana; if you can buy a six-pack of beer and a pack of Marlboro Reds, why shouldn’t you be able to buy a pack of Marlboro Greens?

Still, despite having no beef with marijuana in principle, the NJ legislature’s sense of right and wrong puzzles me. They feel it should be illegal for consenting adults to get married, but they have no problem with legalizing mind-altering drugs that the vast majority of states (and the federal government) have banned.

It’s a shame the New Jersey legislature didn’t get good ‘n baked before voting on the same-sex marriage bill… Maybe they’d have been a little more inclined to support peace, love, and happiness if they had?

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