New York vs. Agendas

I’m a planner — if you’ve ever gone to a movie, a play, a dinner, or (God help you) a vacation with me, you can almost certainly attest to this. I’m not saying that you’ll get a Project Plan and a Gantt chart from me if you agree to a matinee, but I’m not going to promise that you won’t.

I like to be organized about my adventures.

From time to time, though, an opportunity arises for me to let loose and go with the flow. This past weekend was just that sort of opportunity, as Sal and I spent the MLK, Jr. holiday weekend in New York City.

On previous trips together, especially group trips with other friends going as well, I’ve had things planned out to a T. Dinner at this restaurant at this time. Plays and musicals here, here, and here. Brunch here at this time, and of course, drinks at this bar.

This weekend, there was almost none of that.

So what did we do? We RELAXED. We spent quality time with friends, focused primarily on people that we didn’t get to see during our Thanksgiving visit, and enjoyed people’s company. With very little agenda.

There are some portions of the trip that I plan to talk more about — the home-cooked meal at the home of a professor that Sal knows from his college, the long-overdue Eddie Izzard live performance, the Tim Burton exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art, an incredible speakeasy in the Village that my friend Marc introduced me to, the gorgeous hotel we stayed at our last night in town, and of course our traditional Sunday brunch… But all of that is secondary to the fact that we had good quality time with good quality people.

Thanks for a wonderful weekend, New York. It was just what we both needed.

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