Cooper Countryman

I’ve been enamored with the Mini-Cooper for years now. It’s just plain adorable! But one major drawback, especially to someone like me who enjoys socializing with groups of people, is the lack of rear doors for passengers. (Granted, once you’re in there, you’ve got more space than my Mustang has, but still…)

Starting next year, there will be a new Cooper vehicle to meet this need: the Cooper Countryman SUV.

When I stumbled across this today online, I nearly fell out of my chair. Check out these photos, compliments of BMW by way of

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! If I wasn’t dead-set on moving to New York City before 2011 is up, and of course if I wasn’t barely scraping by each month, I would totally leap at the chance to get one of these beauties when they come out next year.

If, if, if.

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