Sunday evening, winding down from a joyous day spending quality time with friends in NYC, I decided to introduce my friend Glenn to the joy that is ABC’s Modern Family. So I opened up my laptop to play an episode for him.

My laptop was dead. It would start to boot, then just shut down unexpectedly. Naturally, I freaked.

I’m fairly attached to my laptop. You might say I’m codependent. So when faced with the very real possibility that it had moved on to the Great Sleep Mode in the Sky, I was more than a little distressed.

Yes, I had an appointment at the Genius Bar (the help desk at the Apple Store) the very next day.

Seriously, of all the times to be without a computer, this one was pretty freakin’ awful. I have a TON of study material on my laptop for my upcoming PHR certification exam, including study guides and chapter quizzes and several full-blown practice exams. And there was less than a week before the big day. Losing my laptop at that time was a VERY BAD THING.

Fortunately, I had purchased the extended warranty with my MacBook. (If you’re ever offered the AppleCare plan for your Apple product, you say YES!) They figured out that the hard drive had failed, had a replacement one in stock, and had the whole thing fixed so quickly that I was in and out after an hour.

And I had a full system backup at home, performed wirelessly on an automatic schedule without me having to take any action to back it up myself. Which is good, ’cause my lazy ass would never remember to take care of it on a regular basis.

So here I am, fully restored with a brand new hard drive, missing only the couple of updated iTunes play counts from the plane. All at no charge, except perhaps a little stress and some gnawed-off fingernails.

Thanks, Apple.

Oh, and HP Tech Support? You can SUCK IT! But that’s a whole different story…

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