iPhone Rate Drop

If you use your iPhone anywhere near as much as I do, you may have the unlimited voice rate plan on it. That runs you $99.99 a month, plus taxes and such, which is a hefty bill when added to the $30 data plan (and the $20 unlimited txt plan, if you’re addicted to texting like me.)

Well, not anymore!

AT&T is quietly matching a heavily advertised special that Verizon Wireless has put forward, for $69 unlimited minutes. This means you never have to worry about talking too much, and you can use your phone whenever you want without ever doubting the bill amount. And the best part?

You’re not even extending your contract.

Yep, I called today and confirmed: you can drop your current $99.99 plan down to $69 with no change in service, contract length, or anything else. You can also see this online if you login and check available rate plans, or you can click here for their general rate plan page.

The only catch is you have to ask for it, as they’re certainly not going to voluntarily make this change to your bill if you don’t know that you can pay them thirty bucks less a month.

So, fellow iPhone enthusiasts, get on the phone or get online, and switch to the $69 unlimited minutes plan. And buy me a drink next time ya see me, ’cause I just saved you a ton of money. 😀

One Response to iPhone Rate Drop

  1. Katrina says:

    I wonder if this change is in lieu of the rumored end of the iPhone/AT&T exclusivity to possibly be announced on Wednesday. I, for one, am waiting to see if it happens because I’m sick of how much AT&T charges for things you can get unlimited for less on other carriers (texting, media messaging, etc.). I want an iPhone for business purposes but I also don’t want to add around $50/month to my bill to get what I need to actually USE the dang thing.

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