iPhone to the Rescue!

Dan Woolley is a clever guy. The Colorado husband and father of two was in Haiti filming a documentary about poverty as part of his work with the child advocacy organization Compassion International, and was trapped in a collapsed hotel when the earthquake struck. Buried under rubble, he could easily have died.

Fortunately, he had an iPhone full of applications to keep him alive.

Realizing his leg was badly injured and his head was bleeding, he knew he needed to take care of the wounds as best he could in order to survive. And he had thoughtfully loaded an app to his iPhone created by the American Heart Association, which included tips on first aid and CPR. So, trapped without anyone to help him, he took matters into his own hands.

Woolley used his shirt to bandage his injured leg and tied his belt around it to compress the wound and stop the bleeding. He used a sock as an impromptu bandage on his head to try and stop the bleeding there. And having read on his iPhone app about the dangers of shock, he set his iPhone alarm to go off every 20 minutes to keep him from falling asleep and lapsing into a coma.

He spent more than 60 hours buried in the remains of the Hotel Montana before rescuers were able to dig him out. He’s alive today because of his iPhone and the Pocket First Aid & CPR app from Jive Media. iPhone users, click here to view the app in the iTunes Store.

If this guy doesn’t become the poster-child for iPhone “There’s an App For That” marketing, someone at Apple should be shot. C’mon, Steve Jobs — make a generous donation to Compassion International and get this guy on your commercials, stat!


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