Apple iPad

Today, Apple announced their newest product line: the iPad tablet computer. Marketed as a middle ground between the iPhone and a laptop (does anyone outside of the industry actually call them “notebooks” in casual conversation?), it’s essentially an iPhone with a 10″ screen.

I’m not quite as excited as you might expect me to be.

It’s beautiful, yes. And the price point is better than the iPhone pricing structure when it first came out: the 16 GB version starts at $499. And of course, for an Apple enthusiast like me, there’s the “new toy” factor. But if I had both a MacBook and an iPad, when would I choose the iPad instead of the MacBook?

Quick trips, perhaps, when I want to be able to watch movies, write emails, etc. on a plane. The iPad will be slightly smaller and lighter than a laptop, so there’s an extra portability factor without the crazy expense of the MacBook Air. The big question becomes, is it worth paying $500 or more for the slight improvement in convenience?

I see the value of this being primarily for someone that doesn’t have a laptop that they adore today. I definitely see the allure of a desktop user purchasing this rather than a laptop, if the desktop they have is functional and satisfactory and they’re simply looking for a portable option.

I also see the appeal for people who are fond of eBooks. This has the potential to be a major competitor for the Kindle. I heard on the news today (and haven’t validated it) that sold more eBooks than paper books… If that’s true, or even if it’s not frankly, there’s a big market for eBooks, and Apple stands on the verge of grabbing ahold of it.

And of course, I see the appeal for someone who has to wait in line on Day One to purchase the newest Apple product. Someone like me. So wish me luck in resisting an expensive toy that I truly don’t need.

Here are some photos that tempt me, though:

Front, Back, and Side

Front, Angled

Side, Angled

Now, I know a lot of my friends are technology gurus. Here’s your chance, people! Reply below with your thoughts about the viability of this product.

4 Responses to Apple iPad

  1. Eric W. says:

    But it has an Apple on it! I’m excited, I think it’s more of a project right now but give it a year or so and it’ll be amazing.

  2. gatoruptown says:

    An interesting commentary I read this evening:

  3. Melanie says:

    I have been waiting for this to come out. I’ve wanted an ebook reader for some time now, at least a year, but have not found anything that suited my needs. You know I have a Macbook Pro and an iTouch. But neither allow me the flexibility and ease of use for reading books, magazines or newspapers and then allow me to switch over to movies, music or internet – while on a plane, at the beach or lieing in bed. Really a laptop could do these things, but it’s bulky. I only hope I can get one before my Japan trip.

  4. […] As exciting as the announcement about the new Apple iPad tablet computer have been, the limelight has been stolen a bit by the giggling around the name […]

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