As exciting as the announcement about the new Apple iPad tablet computer have been, the limelight has been stolen a bit by the giggling around the name “iPad,” which can (for the juvenile) bring to mind a “maxi pad” used by women during their menstrual flow.

And it brings to mind images like this:


According to CNN’s Tech site, mockery has been swift and brutal. It quotes the tech blog of the Los Angeles Times as saying, “The mocking goes along the lines of: Yes, the iPad is small, lightweight and slim. But can you swim with it?”

And of course, the term “iTampon” launched itself to prominence on Twitter within a few hours.

It doesn’t help that MadTV produced this “iPad” skit awhile ago:

Of course, the technological feats of the actual Apple iPad will overcome the snickering over its name eventually… But for now, it’s just asking for a little good-natured ribbing.

For her pleasure.

OH!!! Thanks, I’ll be here all week. Tip your waitress.

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