Millionaire Adultery

I mentioned adultery laws recently, and was intrigued by the topic… But it turns out there’s an even more interesting adultery story making the rounds! There’s been a lot of press coverage lately about a millionaire whose long-time mistress plastered their photos and loving notes to each other on billboards in major cities.

She’s got balls, I’ve give her that.

YaVaughnie Wilkins was dating Charles Phillips, the co-President of software giant Oracle, for eight and a half years. The thing is, he was also married to his wife Karen (though he reportedly began divorce proceedings in 2008.) And recently, Wilkins decided to publicize their relationship through a series of billboards in prime locations:

According to her spokesperson (also known as her cousin Misha Davila) Witkins believed that Phillips’s marriage had ended in divorce back in 2003. But that doesn’t mean she’s being petty or vengeful! She wasn’t trying to cause trouble for her former boyfriend, or embarrass his wife, but rather she was making an effort “reclaim her version of her relationship with Phillips among friends and family.”

Riiiiiiiight. ’cause nothing says, “I’m not trying to get back at you for leaving me, baby!” like putting up hugely expensive and highly revealing billboards in New York, San Francisco, and Atlanta about a married father of two with whom you’ve been having sex for the better part of a decade.

Look, props for being gutsy and stickin’ it to a lying, cheating son of a bitch. But don’t try to pretend that you didn’t knowingly set out to embarrass him. You’re mad, and you’re right to be mad – don’t diminish your vengeance by playing dumb.

Stick to your guns, girl.

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