Snowy weekend bliss

I’m coming down from the most AMAZING weekend… Absolutely perfect. And instead of blogging about something cynical or sarcastic, I’m just going to rave about how great it was. Indulge me.

It all started with the snow.

Yes, Friday afternoon snow started to fall in Charlotte. Growing up on a small beach in Florida as I did, it’s always exciting to me when there’s snow outside my doorstep. So imagine my joy, working from the living room and staring out the window as snowflakes started to twirl in the sky.

The snow was expected to impact roads from the Carolinas up through the Virginias and beyond, which meant Sal’s Tarradiddle Players tour through Virginia was cut short. They came home Friday night, and as of now aren’t scheduled to depart again until Wednesday morning. My 10-day stretch of solitude was effectively halted halfway through. Hooray, snow!

Friday evening, our friend Brandon came to pick us up and took us to the Charlotte Gay & Lesbian Community Center. For the record, an interesting place — the Trevor Project posters on the walls shamed me. I really must make an effort to give back to my community. But we went there to see part of the GayCharlotte Film Festival, including the movie Big Gay Musical. A funny movie, campy but at times heartwarming. It’ll definitely be a DVD purchase.

After the movie we took off, but realized on the drive home that we were all hungry. So we detoured away from my place and instead sat down at Intermezzo, a Serbian restaurant (with pizza and a bar!) a few blocks away from my place. Our friend Erik was working, and though he wasn’t our server, we did get to catch up a bit.

Saturday was an official snow day, locked in the house huddled up under a blanket. Sal finally got to show me the entire Angels in America series on DVD, all six hours. SIX HOURS, ladies and gentlemen. It was touching and horrifying and thought-provoking. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend it… Though six consecutive hours of it can be a little overwhelming.

I had planned to go see a play that night, but with the roads the way they were, our friend Danny (who was supposed to be my date) didn’t want to risk the drive. Instead, he half-seriously invited Sal and me over for dinner, not thinking we’d actually take him up on it. When we agreed, he encouraged me to invite Brandon as well, who likewise didn’t want to drive.

So the guy from Florida drove up to NoDa to pick up Brandon, got stuck on a patch of ice trying to turn around, was helpfully pushed out by Brandon and Sal, and then headed off to Danny’s. Dinner was thrown together haphazardly but ended up being delicious, and we sat at the kitchen table chatting amicably until we were all yawning and it was time to make the trek home.

Sunday morning we had brunch at Common House with our friends Haley and Paris, the most adorable lil’ lesbian couple you’ve ever met. Brandon joined us for this too — it occurs to me that he joined us for three days in a row! In some countries that would make him a common-law “third” but whatever. The Sunday Brunch special of unlimited mimosas for $12 is sure to make any brunch entertaining, even if they do forget the fish in the fish tacos and the yogurt is sour. (Free refills of booze solve any problem.)

A half-drunken nap cuddled up on the couch, and then it was time to brave the roads again. Our friend Kim was having a housewarming party, and since we were 2/3 of the people that had helped her move her furniture to the new place a few weeks ago, we damned sure weren’t going to miss it. The food was excellent, but the company was the best part. Two spirited games of Catch Phrase and a screening of the movie Camp rounded out the evening, with a fair share of Mystery Science Theatre 3000-style shouting at the screen to make certain it was memorable.

This, really, is a perfect weekend for me. Good food, good drinks, movies, television, and most importantly, the pleasant company of wonderful friends.

Next weekend, no pressure, but you’ve got a lot to live up to.

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  1. Peaches says:

    Holla 🙂

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