Grocery lists

In a clever (though arguably inappropriate) jab at former Gov. Sarah Palin, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs showed up to the daily press briefing with a grocery list written on his hand. The list included eggs, milk, and bread… And hope and change, just in case he forgot. (His words, not mine.)

In case you missed it, this is in reference to Sarah Palin’s flubbed use of notes hidden on her hand during last week’s “Tea Party Convention.”

Yes, it’s a media-hyped “scandal” that really shouldn’t be a big deal, but is becoming one. (And of course, by continuing to blog about it, I’m not helping.) Here’s a photo comparison, courtesy of Fox News:

I’m not going to get into whether it’s appropriate for a White House Press Secretary to publicly make a joke at a rival politician’s expense. I’m just going to have a quick chuckle and move on.

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