Cheat Sheets

Liberals are all aflutter about the revelation that Sarah Palin, the former Republican candidate for Vice President in 2008, had a few key words written on her hand during the so-called “Tea Party Convention” a few days ago. Here’s a video showing the sort of outrage that has been prevalent:

Okay, so I’ll admit that writing notes to yourself on the palm of your hand for a nationally televised broadcast may be a little tacky… I, for one, would’ve preferred a subtle use of an index card to a clumsy attempt at disguising use of notes on your hand. But maybe that’s just me.

I think what’s really driving a lot of this outrage is the fact that Sarah Palin has mocked Pres. Obama for his overuse of teleprompter during speeches. A quick search of YouTube video clip titles and web pages shows the comparison between her hand-written notes and Obama’s reliance on teleprompter assistance.

I’m not a fan of Sarah Palin’s. I find her to be pretty but vapid, a great spokesperson who can repeat party-line talking points ad nauseam but who doesn’t seem to have an original intelligent thought in her brain. She can get a group of conservatives riled up into a frenzy in a heartbeat, which is certainly admirable… But I’m terrified at the idea that she could end up in a national leadership role.

And yet, I find myself amused but not especially surprised by this whole thing. I mean really… Is it THAT big of a deal?

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  1. […] case you missed it, this is in reference to Sarah Palin’s flubbed use of notes hidden on her hand during last week’s “Tea Party Convention.” Yes, it’s a media-hyped […]

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