Facebook invasion

Facebook has very cleverly begun its campaign to invade every aspect of your online life. First came the new AIM application for iPhone, which includes functionality to add Facebook Chat friends to your AIM app buddy list… And now, iChat for Macs can chat with your Facebook friends as well.

The invasion is well underway.

I knew about the AIM for iPhone thing because I saw it in upgrade notes, and eagerly upgraded, configured, etc. But I don’t use the AIM app too often, so it didn’t really blow my socks off.

That all changed last night when I discovered that Facebook Chat is available through Jabber protocols, which means good ol’ iChat can now access your Facebook buddy list as well.

Now, my iChat includes AIM, Google Chat, and Facebook Chat. I can chat to my heart’s content!

It’s sad the things that a grown man gets excited about.

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