Paid in full

This morning was bittersweet for me, financially speaking… On the one hand, a personal debt owed to me from seven years ago was paid off, in one big lump sum payment. (Congrats on the IRS tax refund, by the way!) But this morning was also when my 2009 tax payment came out of my bank account.

My tax payment turned into a tax refund for my friend, who use it to pay me back on an old debt. It’s the circle of life.

It’s still disappointing that for the first time in my life, I OWED money to the IRS, and to the state of North Carolina. As I mentioned previously, what would’ve been a refund of about four thousand dollars turned into a DEBT of even more than that. Those stinkin’ profits from my stock “day trading” in 2009 helped keep me afloat throughout the year, but damn did they bite me in the ass come tax time.

The good news for me is that at least it’s over. The dust has settled, the payments have all been made, and I can get on with things.

I’m still working on sticking to a budget as much as possible. I’m still aiming to eat more meals at home and dine out less. I’m still savoring bottles of Three Buck Chuck from Trader Joe’s instead of $12 martinis at overpriced bars. But there is definitely a relief in knowing that the worst is behind me, and I can focus on day-to-day things instead of worrying about a huge bill on the horizon.

So yeah… Rock Band party, anyway?

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