HRC Carolinas Gala prequel

This year’s HRC Carolinas Gala being in Raleigh is a pain, in some respects… People from Charlotte have to make plans to commute and stay overnight. Folks can’t just drop in.

On the plus side, it makes the commute a great possibility for entertainment.

About 45 people took the Amtrak train from Charlotte to Raleigh this evening… And we had an entire train car to ourselves.

It was a rolling gay bar. Except there was no BAR CAR on the train! Fortunately, several people may or may not have brought adult beverages with them. Allegedly.

With techno Lady Gaga playing in the background, impromptu dancing in the aisles, and the occassional runway stroll, it was by far the gayest train ride EVER.

And the two-block walk from the train station to the host hotel was priceless — the gay Oregon trail, if you will. The fact that we sauntered past a bar called “The Deep South” only added to the ambience. I’m pretty sure latecomers could follow the trail of glitter to the hotel.

The HRC weekend is clearly in full swing.

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