Look out, Raleigh!

This afternoon, several friends and I will be heading to the Charlotte Amtrak station to hop a train headed to Raleigh. We’re attending the HRC Carolinas Gala tomorrow, an annual celebration hosted by the Human Rights Campaign as part of their efforts to achieve equality for lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgender people.

I can’t wait for it to get started and for the planning to be over.

My company has a gay employee group and I’m the Charlotte “chairperson” which means I’m the one who coordinates the company’s involvement in some events like this. I helped secure three tables of 10 this year, and have been frantically filling and refilling them for the last month.

Since the event is in Raleigh this year, rather than Charlotte (its home for the past few years) it takes a little more commitment for Charlotte folks to attend. At a minimum, an overnight stay on Saturday is required, and many people are going over Friday night as well to make a weekend of it. This makes it a lot more complicated to arrange, as there are hotel accommodations, trains to book, or long car rides to suffer through.

And arranging to attend on short notice is really hard for many people. Unfortunately I’ve had some cancellations in the past week, which means I’ve been scrambling to find replacements. This sure would be a lot easier if it was in Charlotte this year, damn it.

Still, it’ll be a terrific event, and a lot of fun. I just want it to get started!

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