Traditional Values Douchebaggery

I’m on a rant now about California state senator Roy Ashburn, the anti-gay legislator who was busted for DUI coming out of a gay nightclub and has finally admitted that he’s gay. He insisted that he always voted against any LGBT-equality legislation was because he believed it’s what his constituents would want, which pissed me off.

But I’ve got a bigger axe to grind right now.

What’s even more disappointing is the response from Benjamin Lopez, a lobbyist for the Traditional Values Coalition who was with the senator at a Bakersfield rally in 2005. The purpose of the rally? To “support a state proposal to block gay marriage as well as to get rid of domestic partnerships with any benefits of marriage.” Here’s what Mr. Lopez had to say about the now-openly-gay senator:

“I don’t know why Roy strayed. … I think it’s sad more than hypocritical. … We’re not in Roy’s head. We don’t know what is he thinking. We hope he comes to terms with whatever is making him make a choice to be a gay man.”

That’s right… This gay-hostile senator — with a perfect voting record against anything resembling equality for lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgender people — has now CHOSEN to be a gay man. And Benjamin Lopez hopes that Sen. Ashburn will knock it off.

And of course, Lopez also hopes that the senator will continue to cast votes that are “consistent with his district,” and had this parting remark: “We thank Roy for all his votes on social issues.”

I’ll bet you do, you prejudiced closed-minded son of a bitch. You’ve got several years of good service out of a self-hating closet case who cared more about his public image and his chances at reelection than he did about living his own authentic life, not to mention his LGBT brethren who were brave enough to live THEIR lives openly.

As I stated in my last entry, I feel sorry for Sen. Ashburn. This asshole from the Traditional Values Coalition, on the other hand, can fuck right off.

One Response to Traditional Values Douchebaggery

  1. Bob says:

    All I can say is “AMEN” to that.

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