Bacon-infused Vodka

Okay, a simple Facebook status update led to a dozen comments in short order, so clearly this is worth a blog entry. Last night I sampled bacon-infused vodka for the first time, both in a small chilled shot and in a Bloody Mary.

Get past the “Wait, what? Really?” reaction, and it’s actually quite good.

The liquor is called “Bakon” and was, of course, the source of plenty of “that’s just the Bakon talkin'” jokes throughout the evening.

The bacon flavor is subtle, so it’s not an overpowering taste. It’s vodka, with a hint of bacon flavor to it. You can smell it more than taste it, actually — though when sipping a shot of it, there’s definitely a distinguishable flavor to it.

When put in a Bloody Mary, it turns magical. The hint of bacon flavor is there, but it pairs beautifully with the ingredients of a well-made cocktail. My Bloody Mary made with Bakon vodka was smooth.

Bakon Bloody Mary

Unfortunately, it’s not available anywhere in the Carolinas. In fact, it’s hard to find, period. Allegedly it’s available in Georgia now, but I’m not making the drive to Georgia just to buy some liquor.

Here’s a map of the lucky places that have Bakon available:

Bakon availability

You can order it from several New York liquor stores and have it shipped, which is what we did. Of course that adds to the price, but I tell ya, it’s worth it.

No, really… It’s good. Try it if you get the chance 🙂

One Response to Bacon-infused Vodka

  1. Anthony says:

    “not making the drive to Georgia just to buy some liquor”?

    Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Your priorities seem to be in need of adjustment!

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