Tea Party iPhone App

Brace yourselves for one more addition to the ever-growing list of “There’s an app for that!” exclamations… An iPhone developer named Ryan Ninneman has created a very special application for politically conservative iPhone users:

The Tea Party Finder.

Yes, iPhone users can now download the free application from the iTunes store, and use it to locate “Tea Party” happenings in their local area. From the iTunes Store page:

Tea Party Finder helps you find local Tea Party groups and events. It can use the GPS or the cell phone network to find the closest ones. You can also search by zip code or manually browse them.

It’s like Loopt for conservatives affiliated with the “Tea Party” movement. (For my gay readers: it’s like Grindr, but without the anonymous hookups… I’m assuming.)

I have to admit, I’m tempted to download it and see what events are happening in my area. My readers know full well that I’m not a member of the group and probably wouldn’t agree with many of their efforts, but the sheer morbid curiosity is killing me.

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