Diversity and dinner

Last night, in my role as Chairperson for my company’s local chapter of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) employee group, I had an amazing opportunity to spend time with some influential leaders.

I had dinner with my company’s CEO/President and the mayor of Charlotte, among others.

The dinner actually included the CEO, many of the top executives that report directly to him, and other executives that hold key leadership roles throughout the company (including many leaders from our Diversity & Inclusion program.) There were about a dozen tables set up, each with about eight people. In fact, it was very deliberately set up, with individual names assigned to specific seats at each table.

When I saw my place, I almost fainted. Immediately to my left was the North Carolina Market President at my company, and on his left was the President of Commercial Banking (who reports directly to the CEO.) Immediately to my right was the CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER AND PRESIDENT of my company, and to his right was the MAYOR OF THE CITY OF CHARLOTTE, followed by the company’s chief Diversity executive.

And the best part was this: I wasn’t originally assigned to that table, but in a last-minute switch, some guardian angel pulled strings and moved me there. I owe somebody BIG TIME.

It was truly an uplifting evening. Hearing the head of my company stand up and talk about the importance of diversity, followed by the Mayor of this city with a similar theme, was just amazing… And then sitting next to these and other senior leaders at dinner, talking about the work that the LGBT group at the bank does to support its members, and hearing their support and encouragement, was absolutely inspirational.

And I probably lost about three pounds from sweat, from all the times the CEO turned and spoke to me. It’s a whole new weight loss plan!


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