Distracted pilots give up their licenses

Back in October, I wrote a couple of GatorUptown.com entries about a pair of Northwest Airlines pilots who became distracted during the last bit of their flight from San Diego to Minneapolis-St. Paul and didn’t notice that they’d overshot their destination airport altogether. The FAA revoked their pilot licenses after an investigation, and the two promptly appealed.

They’ve dropped the appeal, taking their lumps but with a settlement that
allows for a possible return to duty a little bit sooner than normal.

In an announcement on Monday, the FAA confirmed that the agency had reached a settlement with the two former pilots, in which they will not dispute their license revocation but can reapply in 10 months instead of the normal 12.

Once their time has been served, they will have to pass the same tests and go through the same flight simulation training that new pilots must complete before getting their initial license. Assuming they can meet the same conditions as these new pilots, they will be issued new licenses and can be hired as commercial airline pilots.

But the bigger question is, will any airline hire them after all the notoriety they’ve achieved?

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