Spontaneous DEATH of a Mustang

This morning I drove my car to go get a haircut. It was a beautiful day, so I dropped the convertible top and enjoyed a carefree drive through the streets of Charlotte, to and from the salon.

Four hours later, my car literally sputtered out and DIED in the middle of traffic.

Totally out of the blue… It started up just fine, but I noticed that the engine started to rev down and back up again… A little extra gas seemed to help it stabilize, until I got about a block away from home and hit a red light. The car started sputtering and hiccuping while sitting idle, so I kept some extra gas in it (with the car in neutral) until the light turned green.

Green light, and I dropped it into Drive. The car lurched forward, got about halfway through the intersection, then trembled and died. In the intersection.

Naturally, I freaked out.

I managed to get it started again, hiccuping and shaking, and drove it in circles around the block for a few minutes… Hoping that maybe whatever the hell was wrong with it would ease up after it had been running for a bit. No dice — it continued to shudder, revving down and up again. So I nursed it back home, trembling and grumbling (the car, not me) and got it parked.

Now I’m a mess. WTF happened in four hours’ time?! It ran perfectly this morning, there and back without so much as a twitch. And now it’s suddenly gasping and wheezing, seemingly on its last breath.

The best I can come up with is to wait a bit and see if it runs more smoothly later this afternoon… Either way, I’m definitely going to have to get it to the repair shop very soon. Cars stalling out and dying in intersections are NOT on my list of favorite things.

And I was on the way to get a massage, damn it. Now I REALLY need one!

2 Responses to Spontaneous DEATH of a Mustang

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