I came across a news article recently that stopped me dead in my tracks… A group called “Reboot” is fed up with society’s reliance on modern technology — Blackberrys and iPhones, Twitter, etc. — and is advocating giving up their mobile communications for one day a week.

An entire 24 hours without my iPhone?!

The Rebooters movement is made up of “Internet entrepreneurs, creators of award-winning television shows, community organizers and nonprofit leaders” that recently observed a National Day of Unplugging, in which they abstained from using their mobile devices for 24 hours. These brave souls completely unplugged from sundown to sundown, and they aim to do it once per week in a regular basis.

Dan Rollman, one of the organizers within the Rebooter movement, had this to say: “We believe that everyone can benefit from a respite from the relentless technology. Unplugging on a weekly basis won’t provide a magical solution to these issues, but it’s a start … a chance to catch our breaths, replenish our souls and reconnect with the living, breathing people we love.”

So, I ask you this, faithful readers: How would you feel about taking a full day avoiding technology, especially mobile communications devices?

3 Responses to Rebooters

  1. Jennifer says:

    I’m going to do you one better and I’ll unplug for four days. In June. In the middle of the ocean. You won’t see me on my cellphone once! 🙂

  2. dane says:

    my favorite thing about traveling abroad is bye bye blackberry

  3. Luddites! Whenever I read stuff like this I wonder what society will be like when cybernetic enhancement becomes more widespread. Returning soldiers already are starting to be outfitted with advanced robotic prosthetics. How much longer before we can have a neural implant instead of a cell phone? How will the people who are made uncomfortable by that treat those of us who choose to take that step?

    See how far we already are:

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