Sarah Palin’s upcoming reality TV show

You read that right — Sarah Palin, former Governor of Alaska and vice presidential candidate — will apparently be hosting a reality television show. On the DISCOVERY CHANNEL, of all places.

Before you go thinking of all the worst excesses of reality television, it’s worth nothing that it isn’t expected to be THAT kind of reality TV.

According to People Magazine and, Mrs. Palin will be working with reality television mogul Mark Burnett on the new series Sarah Palin’s Alaska, which is expected to earn a reported $1 million per episode.

Variety says the project “will center on interesting characters, traditions and attractions in the 49th state — with the ex-VP candidate as a guide.”

Of course, nobody involved is saying too much to the media right now, but the anticipation is already booming. The tantalizing hints being dropped are doing a great job of stirring up curiosity about it.

I have to admit, I’m intrigued. I will probably check out an episode or two, if for no other reason than so I can blog about it! 😀

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