Facebook Passive Aggression

Another gem from “How to Suck at Facebook” caught my eye, and of course I’m sharing it below. This one sounded very familiar, and sure enough, it combines a couple of characters from my August 2009 post, “Annoying Facebookers.”

Check it out… The Passive Aggressor:

Combining the best of “The Maddening Obscurist” and “The Sympathy-Baiter” from my post mentioned above, this person posts desperate cries for attention and support, without actually telling you anything of substance about why they’re upset or with whom. So naturally, you are expected to rush to their defense, posting senseless platitudes even though you don’t really understand what happened.

And of course, you’re supposed to dig for more information, so you can “get out of them” who did something awful to them, even though they really don’t want to talk about it… But since you asked, brace yourself, ’cause there’s a well-rehearsed story about to take up twenty minutes of your day.

Hell with that. If you’ve got a problem, and you want to talk about it, call up a friend that you trust and ask them if you can vent for awhile. And if you really want it, ask for their advice. But quit making the rest of us roll our eyes and say to ourselves, “Not again…” when you go on an emo tease through your Facebook status.

Or just get yourself a blog, and let ‘er rip!

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