To iPad, or not to iPad

Tomorrow, the new Apple iPad will start hitting the retail stores and shipping to customers who pre-ordered theirs… I didn’t pre-order one, and I know full well that the stores will be a NIGHTMARE tomorrow and that I have precisely zero chance of picking one up.

But still, I’m drooling a bit.

An article posted on yesterday, called “Your guide to buying the right iPad” , isn’t helping my resolve any. It talks about the different models you can purchase, based on media storage size and 3G vs. Wi-Fi Only models, and helps you decide which one if perfect for your needs.

I want them all.

Truth is, I don’t really need an iPad. I’ve got a perfectly good laptop, which is convenient for traveling because it’s lightweight and portable (though not a MacBook Air, which I maintain is ridiculously overpriced for its lack of functionality) There’s not a lot of functionality in the iPad that wouldn’t be nearly as convenient as my laptop.

But still… it’s pretty. And it’s the hot new toy. So I want one.

I can see the value in a desktop-plus-iPad combo… So perhaps when my laptop has reached the end of its life, I will consider getting an iMac desktop computer (the ones that are basically a GIANT monitor with the computer built in, plus a wireless keyboard and wireless mouse) and getting an iPad for my travel needs. But for now, I’m going to resist.

At least, until I finally get my hands on one and get to play with it in person… at which point, all bets are likely off.

One Response to To iPad, or not to iPad

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