“Clash of the Titans” review

After weeks of excitement, opening night of Clash of the Titans was finally upon us! With a heavy heart, expecting it to be awful, I went out after work and watched the film.

I was pleasantly surprised, but my recommendation includes a few cautions for people considering going to see it.

Primarily, abandon any preconceived notions about the plot. The original 1981 movie notoriously butchered classic Greek mythology, but was entertaining (especially considering when it was made.) This version hurls a nuclear missile at both the earlier film and the mythology upon which they are both loosely based.

Still, it’s a good movie.

In case I wasn’t clear, let me stress one more time: this screenplay varies drastically from it’s predecessor. Some core components are still there — the Stygian witches, the head of Medusa, and of course the infamous Kraken. But the background story is wildly different.

Two major subplots have been added: a new villain in the form of Hades (god of the underworld, brother to Zeus and Poseidon) and open rebellion from humans against the gods. I wasn’t too fond of the introduction of Hades as the “bad guy” — the story didn’t need it, in my opinion — but I have to admit I did like the subplot about humans no longer needing the gods and rebelling against them. As someone with very strong views about religion, I was intrigued by the notion of humans withholding worship and the gods’ reactions.

Approach this remake as a “reimagining” (much like the recent Alice in Wonderland film by Tim Burton) and you should be happy with the result. The acting is passable, though rarely outstanding. The action sequences are terrific though, and definitely carry the film.

All in all, this is definitely worth your time and money if you’re in the mood for an action flick. Abandon preconceived notions of Greek mythology and Clash of the Titans storylines, and you will probably come away satisfied.

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