Stock the Bar party

I’ve been known to host parties at my home from time to time… Our New Year’s Eve party was a smash hit, and two weeks ago we had a wonderful “Pirate Party” to coincide with the adults-only Treasure Island night. However, these parties totally demolished our bar supplies.

Last night, we had a “stock the bar” party, and boy did we catch up!

To help celebrate, I offered up some homemade sangria to our guests. I used a total of 13 bottles of wine making sangria before the party, and then whipped up an emergency batch around midnight that used up 4 more bottles. I had red sangria, white sangria, and “whatever sangria” made up of the ingredients of red and white, plus a ton of fruit-flavored liquor from the bar.

It was tasty, and kept getting tastier the more we sampled. Here are some photos to make your mouth water:

Ingredients for the first round of sangria

Red Sangria

White sangria

(And somehow I failed to take a photo of the giant tub of Whatever Sangria… My bad!)

As for the contributions, our guests were very generous! Check out these additions to our inventory:

Absolut Mandarin
Amaretto di Amore
Blue Curacao
Captain Morgan
Coconut Jack
Firefly peach tea vodka
Jack Daniel’s
Jim Beam
Ketel One
Malibu Coconut Rum
Parrot Bay
Sauza tequila
Smirnoff (2 bottles!)
Stoli Ohranj
Three Olives Pomegranate vodka
Triple Sec

Thank you so much, friends, for all of your gifts to our bar! With these, and the several bottles of assorted wine, we’re in good shape.

So, who’s going to come help me drink all of this?!

New inventory!

2 Responses to Stock the Bar party

  1. Micki says:

    Since I was working and missed the festivities, I will be happy to help deplete current rations any time…

  2. Brandon says:

    Thank you for hosting such a nice party.

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