Constance sent to FAKE PROM

I was riled up when lesbian teenager Constance McMillen was told she could not attend her high school prom with her female date, and would not be allowed to wear a tuxedo. I was outraged when the school district canceled prom altogether, after the American Civil Liberties Union asked them to reconsider their decision. I was happy when she (and her legal team by the ACLU) won a lawsuit against her school district. And I was satisfied when parents arranged for an alternative prom instead, and said Constance would be invited.

Imagine how I felt this morning, when I discovered that Constance had been tricked into attending a “prom” that was chaperoned by the school principal and some teachers, and included precisely five other students. And that the rest of the student body secretly attended a DIFFERENT prom event, but hid the location from Constance.

And to make it even more exclusive, lesbians weren’t the only ones not invited to the actual substitute prom event. Apparently the other five students present at the prom to which Constance was directed included a pair of high school kids with learning disabilities.

It’s bad enough that the school district made such a close-minded and silly decision as to forbid Constance to attend if she would have a female date. It’s disappointing and maddening that they would rather cancel prom for all students than consider the student’s plea for fair treatment. But the fact that some students would deliberately trick her and five other kids into going to a FAKE PROM, and that parents would pay for the secret event, is just plain horrifying.

The students and parents from Fulton, Mississippi that supported this exclusive event, and knowingly tricked seven kids into going to a practically empty “prom” instead, should be ashamed of themselves. I know high school kids can be cruel, but I’m absolutely floored that in 2010 we see behavior like this.

I suppose we should be grateful that there were no buckets of pig blood dumped on anyone?

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