Mine vs. Yours

It’s funny how possessive pronouns change depending on the subject of a conversation. For instance, when a child excels at something one parent will brag to his/her significant other “MY DAUGHTER won first place!” But it’s a different story when something bad happens: “YOUR SON got in trouble at school today!”

It’s apparently the same with vehicles, at least in my/our home!

My partner and I share a vehicle, the old ’96 Mustang Convertible I bought second-hand in college almost ten years ago. It’s been through the ringer, trekked across the country and back a few times, and has spent plenty of time in the shop trying to keep it running.

Naturally, I tend to call it “my” car as I have for about a decade… But since Sal has lived here for awhile now and is a licensed and insured driver on the vehicle, he understandably calls it “his” car when he’s off somewhere without me, or “our car” or “the car” when we’re together.

Except, it seems, when it’s acting up. Yesterday, the car DIED again, this time in the parking lot of a mall while Sal was out shopping… Like the last time this happened two weeks ago, it was running fine, and then suddenly started hiccuping and sputtering and stalling out. And last night, hearing Sal on the phone talking to a few different people, I kept hearing him say, “Kevin’s car died on me today.”

Mmm hmm… when the freakin’ thing is being a pain and stranding people, it’s MY car! 😛

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  1. […] in August of 2008, then last month when it spontaneously shut off in the middle of traffic, and again a few weeks ago when it started acting up […]

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